Day 1
Arrive in Rome approximately 8 a.m. Drive to Sperlonga and arrive at Marconi’s B&B approximately noontime. Group lunch at Tirreno’s Restaurant. Afternoon R&R with some beach time.

Day 2
Breakfast at hotel. Explore Sperlong’s beaches, streets and shops. Afternoon R&R. Evening dinner at Tramonte Restaurant and watch the beautiful sunset.

Day 3
Breakfast at hotel. Morning two-hour guided boat trip in Sperlonga Bay. Afternoon country drive to Itri, La Madonna della Civita, and Itri Castle on the Appian Way. Group dinner at Scylla’s.

Day 4
Breakfast at hotel. Day trip to Gaeta with tour of Split Mountain, local attractions, exploring shops, local foods and markets. Afternoon free time in Sperlonga with dinner at The Tropical Restaurant.

Day 5
Breakfast at hotel. Morning day trip to Fondi, with castle tour. Visit local churches and shops. Afternoon visit to Sperlonga Grotto di Tiberio Museum. Dinner at Sperlonga marina at Porticiollo Restaurant.

Day 6 

Depart early to port of Terracina to take ferry to Isle of Ponza. Explore island, swim, hike, with lunch at La Kambusa. Return on ferry at 5 p.m.  Dinner at Tirreno’s Restaurant. 

Day 7
Breakfast at hotel. Morning day trip to Ninfa Gardens with a guided followed by lunch in the medieval town of Sermoneta. Afternoon visit to Medieval town of Fossanova visiting its Abbey and Cathedral. Evening free time.

Day 8
Breakfast at hotel. Country day trip to Lenola, cemetery of Lenola, Campo di Mele, and Ambrifo. Lunch amidst the olive groves of L’Ambrifano Restaurant. Evening free time in Sperlonga.

Day 9
Early departure to Rome, arriving at approximately 9 a.m., with tour of the Coliseum and Roman Forum. Noontime visit to Vatican City and St. Peter’s Basilica. Lunch at Il Cicciaro. Afternoon visit to Piazza Navona and the Pantheon. Late arrival in Sperlonga with pizza and gelato.

Day 10
Breakfast at hotel. Morning free time. Afternoon countryside trip to Pastena with tour of the Grotto. Dinner at La Magnatore in Fondi.

Day 11
Optional day trip to Pompeii, the Amalfi Coast and Positano, with a view of Sorrento and Naples Bay. Waterfront lunch in Positano at La Cambusa.

Day 12
Breakfast at hotel. Morning tour of local Farmland greenhouses, exploring the culture of Italian farming, with hands on picking of fruits and vegetables. Followed by a visit to the second largest industrial fruit and vegetable market in all of Europe. Evening pizza in the Countryside.

Days 13 and 14
Combination of visits to local open-air markets as well as preparation for departure. Celebration with group dinner at Scylla’s of Ponza lobster, and group hug.

Buon Viaggio e Arrivederci

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