We enjoyed a trip of our lifetime when we went to Sperlonga, Italy, with June Morrocco of To Italy With Love Tours. The love June has for Sperlonga and the surrounding area is contagious. Unlike most tour guides, June has personal relationships with chefs, the managers of our boutique hotel, boat captains, food markets and more. Everywhere we went, the local people would call out to her—so happy to see her. June was very conscientious about all of our individual needs. Even though we were out and about seeing and doing new things every day, June made sure that it was relaxing for all of us. She frequently checked in to see if we needed anything. She spent lots of time behind the scenes lining up fabulous meals and side trips. We are happy to say that we not only met a terrific tour guide, but we have made a good friend in Giana! We could not have imagined such a spectacular and memorable trip when we signed up with To Italy With Love Tours.

— Debbie & Pat

Loved this trip! June is caring, knowledgeable and attentive to each member of her group. Unlike trips where the tourists follow the leader with a red flag, this trip is personable and at a pace determined by the group. In fact each day, you have the choice of going off to visit a place or relaxing at the wonderful B&B, spending time on the beach or climbing up through the beautiful medieval town of Sperlonga and sampling the small shops along the way. Another delightful aspect of the trip was the evening meals.  Each one was coordinated by June with restaurant owners in the area, and each was a culinary delight, featuring local fresh seafood, fresh homemade pasta and light, flavorful sauces. I would go again in a minute!

— Jill & Page

The sea speaks to me, but no where as loudly as in Sperlonga Italy. I found it to be a special place to be completely mindful and peaceful. Each morning I would wake and grab my journal and head to my favorite corner cafe for the most amazing cappuccino and freshly-made pastry. I would sit facing the sea and my mind would send the most amazing words to my pen. I would watch the locals come in for their coffees and pastries and share their daily stories. I couldn’t understand them, but their body language said it all — relaxed, peaceful and Luving in the moment. How I long to return to this very special, peaceful, beautiful place. When I return, I will return with To Italy With Love Tours.

— Janet Judd

Our trip to Sperlonga was the best. It was so good, that I went a 2nd time. June is great to work with and she is willing to please. The meals were to die for! The entire experience was all about family, friends and food. One of the best features is that we stay in one location for 2 weeks. The B&B was very clean, the rooms are lovely and the staff is very friendly. The tours are interesting and not always the places all the tourists go to. My favorite is the day we go to Positano. If you are wanting a totally 5 star experience and accommodations, then this trip is for you. Be ready for the unexpected and change in plans. That is what makes this trip so much fun. I plan to go again in 2019.

— Jeani

I loved the To Italy With Love tour! We had a wonderful group of 14. June has organized an interesting, educational, and fun set of day tours. I liked that we had the flexibility to go on the day tours or not, although I did go on all of them. We got to see a lot of the countryside, learn about local festivals, farming and industries, and experience the wonderful people of Sperlonga, a delightful small seaside town, as well as people in other towns we visited. Having June, who speaks fluent Italian, with us as interpreter made it easy to visit with many of the local people. The food was absolutely out of this world! Fresh and always prepared to look and taste wonderful! The B&B was perfectly situated steps from the beach so we had a great view from our rooms and could easily enjoy the Mediterranean on our off-tour hours. The owners were wonderful people, generous and fun. The time went way too fast!

— Tish Manley

My husband and I took one of June’s trips to Sperlonga, and absolutely loved it! June was our translator, and had all the tours, restaurants and meals set up everywhere we went, including our flight. We got to really experience the true Italy first hand with June. She took great care of all of us in her tour group. She’s fun to be with, and has a true love of Italy. We can’t wait to go again.

— Laurel Merkel

Our fabulous trip to Italy with June and 11 friends was everything we had hoped for and more. June's passion and love of life in Italy and her connections instilled in us the same love she has for the country, the people, food, and beauty. Her tours are intimate and personalized to fit your wants and needs as she shares her unique experiences of her life in Italy. We especially enjoyed the opportunity to see how the Italians live and have fun and be a part of it. Along with that, the personal tours that most tourists don't have the opportunity to experience. "To Italy With Love Tours" sums it up. It has been a month since we have returned home and we have not stopped smiling and talking about the life changing experiences we had with June and treasured friends. We would love to go again. Grazie Gianna!

– Don & Georgia Todd

Dearest June,

We are back to our Oregon Life and finally have some free time to thank you for the most wonderful and beautiful time in our lives. 'Sperlonga is like a first love, You never forget it.' This was Sperlonga for Randy and I. The Charm, its romantic spell, the beauty, the refreshing simplicity. We were wrapped in its magic. It will stay with us forever. Using the English language it is impossible to express to you, in words, what this trip meant for us. How Sperlonga changed our lives. We will return. Thank you, Dear Friend, for the joy you shared with both of us.

– Love, Randy & Christine Serefini, Oct 2011

My husband and I are planning a year long trip to Italy. We joined "To Italy with Love Tours" for a two week look-see with a wonderful group and June as our guide. We really loved the experience and decided to move to Gaeta on the Mediterranean coast – Bella! We feel at home there thanks to June's thorough knowledge of the area.

– John & Darci Spetter

For at least 20 years, Julie and I have dreamed of experiencing Italy. For me the dream actually began in high school ancient history class. We'd discussed a possible trip many times, with each discussion; our list of wants grew and grew. It grew to a dream of impossible proportions; we thought. Then following the first of the year 2012, fate stepped in and brought a light into our lives. A phone number that Julie had saved on a coffee sleeve was retrieved from a "paper" drawer, the number was called and a conversation began about Italy. As Julie and June, whose number it was, discussed Italy and what connections she had the light was lit! With every statement made to June about our hopes of experiencing Italy in a very casual, intimate manner, June responded that is the Italy she knows and loves and wants to share with groups of travelers. And did we have "The Group"! So over the next couple of months, at June's insistence, we all met numerous times over food, wine and conversations. The result was a tightly knit group of friends with great chemistry and many things in common. Those shared commonalities resulted in 17 days of being deeply immersed in food, wine, history, culture, sunsets, festivals and most of all non-stop laughs and good cheer. The friendships forged are now life-long. The long of the short is, both Julie and I heartily endorse June's trip and welcome any inquiries from any and all folks wishing for a dream trip to Italy.

– Bob & Julie Briseno

From the time we first met June Morrocco, over a beautiful Italian lunch at her home, we knew we had made a great choice with her "To Italy With Love Tours". Her passion for Italy was very apparent, from the delicious meal, to her enthusiastic way of describing our itinerary. At the conclusion of our trip, we fully appreciated her vast knowledge of the Sperlonga-Fondi area. The contacts she has in the various towns, enabled us to visit several unique sites that most visitors do not get to see. The family-owned hotel that we stayed in, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, became a second home to all of us. As well as doing plenty of sightseeing, we had ample leisure time to be able to relax and enjoy our beautiful environment. Thank you again, June, for this memorable Italian experience.

– Con amore, Seth & Sharon Weintraub